3 Tips for Successful Reputation Management

Mar 15, 2022Blog0 comments

Every brand has its own identity and with that- an idea of how it wants to be perceived by the public. Most companies believe excellent customer service is the key to success, which goes hand-in-hand with brand reputation management.

You may be asking yourself “what is brand reputation management, and why is it so important?” It is the process businesses use to create a positive image around its brand and monitors how the public perceives a company. It has a major impact on customer loyalty and if done successfully, it can build and maintain a company’s position as a leader in the industry. 

Here are 3 tips to help with your brand reputation management:

1. Monitor:

Thanks to the internet and social media- just about every customer has become a critic and feels the need to post about their experience with a business online. It is because of this that businesses need to monitor what people are saying about their brand (both positive and negative). According to websitebuilder.org, around 95% of consumers read reviews on a business/product on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Tripadvisor before making a purchase decision. A company that successfully manages its brand is quick to respond to negative reviews and works to build a solid reputation by addressing customer concerns.

2. Promote:

Promotions are a great way to highlight the good your company has done and can have an impact on customers’ trust in your brand. For example, Owens Corning has a sustainability commitment to “leave the world a better place for the future.” Owens Corning’s 2030 sustainability goals encompass doubling positive product impact, halving negative product effect, expanding diversity and inclusivity, and creating a beneficial effect on societies. Modern consumers are more likely to spend their money with an organization that has common interests and a “cause” to get behind.

3. Suppress:

We all know that “Karen” who demands to speak with the manager over the slightest inconvenience. This type of person will pick apart every action made by a business. Thanks to the digital world- people are quick to take their negative reviews online and share their experience with the world, even if what they claim is totally false. A company that wants to maintain good brand management should suppress the urge to be combative to negative reviews, and instead try to find a solution. It is best to address the situation head-on. If the review is going to put your business in a bad light- it is in your best interest to respond and act as quickly as possible to bring the issue to a close.

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