Are you REALLY ready for marketing?

Apr 9, 2021Blog0 comments

“We need more sales so figured it was time for some advertising”

This is a common thing we hear from clients when we first meet.

A common response they hear from us… “Well, are you prepared to do business?”

As you can imagine that raises a few eyebrows and questions.  So often business owners look for the quick fix, and the simple answer to them is to just spend some marketing dollars.

While that is a quick fix, it is still not a guarantee to lead to more sales.

Effective marketing is only maximized with proper business practices.  Before we ever advise a client to spend money on anything we go through a long list of questions.  This helps us establish where a business is from the standpoint of market readiness, as well as identify opportunities’ inside of the business.

Here are just a few quick questions to consider before spending money advertising:

  1. Do you have enough sales reps to handle the influx of additional traffic?
  2. Is your website set up to convert traffic into leads for your business?  Many digital marketing efforts are geared towards driving consumers to your website, what is your customer going to see when they get there?
  3. Do you have the right product mix or are you trying to sell your way out of a bad inventory situation?
  4. What’s the first impression a customer has when they visit or make contact with my business?
  5. Lead response management. How are we responding to customers calls, emails, and texts?
  6. What am I doing with my existing customer database?

The list goes on and on. LTD Connect is well versed in guiding your business to help to set you up for marketing success.

Once your house is in order is when it’s time to look at the tactics and put together a marketing plan that works for your business.