Case Studies

Jones & Son Diamond & Bridal Fine Jewelry


When we partnered with Jones and Son, they knew that it was time to switch up their marketing efforts if they were going to reach the next generation of consumers. First, we completed a market analysis to help address the issues they were facing and ensure they were prepared to do business. One of our findings was that their website was outdated and not ready to convert online traffic. We also needed to change the perception people had that they’re getting a better deal when they buy from a major online retailer instead of from their local jewelry store. Most online retailers claim to have exclusive low prices, but that’s not the reality and consumers don’t understand that all diamonds are sourced from the same place.


We built them a new website and focused on optimal functionality on mobile devices because that’s where most customers are shopping. We helped address the misperception about major online retailers being the cheapest by using strategic creative messaging so people would know they’re getting the best deal when they shop at their local jewelry store. The results? Their website leads increased by 113% year over year. We’ve also helped bring over 60,000 new users to their website, which doesn’t account for their increase in in-store foot traffic.

Cleo’s Furniture


First, we completed a market analysis to help address the issues they were facing and ensure they were prepared to do business. One of our findings was that their website was outdated and not ready to convert online traffic. We also learned that many local furniture stores are switching their focus to e-commerce in order to compete against the huge online retailers. But the reality is that most of your marketing efforts should still be focused on getting your customers in the door.


We built them a new website in order to bridge the gap and convert online browsers into offline in-store purchases. We designed their website to leave a lasting first impression that leads shoppers to the store to confirm they’re making the right purchasing decision.

We helped increase their in-store foot traffic through strategic creative messaging. Their ads encouraged consumers to come visit in person, so they can see that Cleo’s has furniture in stock that shoppers can take home today. This helps alleviate shopper’s inventory and shipping concerns, as well as allows Cleo’s salespeople to close the deal.

We used our HITCH technology to build personas and match them with actual in-market shoppers who are in a 45 to 60-day buying window. Through analyzing online user behavior, we’re able to hit different people with different offers and incentives that appeal specifically to them. The results? In less than one year, there were over 18,000 people who saw an ad online and visited one of their 15 locations to make a purchase.

Gregory Poole CAT


There was a major shortage of field technicians within this dealership group and very few applications were coming in for roles that needed to be filled urgently. The need for technicians had reached an all-time high, and many dealers were left unable to meet the service demand due to being short-staffed. Service is a key profit pillar for CAT dealers, and the shortage meant missed opportunities to grow their businesses.


We focused on targeting the right audience, creating a clear message, and generating qualified candidates for interviews. Targeting the right audience started with building personas of their ideal candidates. The personas included information such as current job, education, hobbies and interests, geographic location, and many more. After building the personas, we used our HITCH technology which includes over 70,000 data layers to match the personas with actual candidates that met the description. Next, we worked with Gregory Poole to create a clear message. Messaging tends to be a lost art in the digital world, but with more noise in the space, it’s never been more important to provide a clear message. Our ACTION Creative is designed to do just that – call the target audience to action. Now the most important part – generating leads. We worked with Gregory Poole to lock in on tactics to reach the target audience where they spend time and generate leads the client could track back to ROI. The results?

In less than a year, we have seen over 2,800 qualified applications across all
campaigns, and the apprenticeship program opportunities were completely filled within the first two months of the campaign launching.

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