Digital Marketer’s Guide to Connected TV

Jan 7, 2022Blog0 comments

Like most Americans, you have probably watched a movie or show through a streaming service in the past year. In fact, more than 80 percent of TV households in the U.S. now have at least one connected TV device (Source: Leitchman Research Group.) Connected TV is so popular because it essentially gives consumers unlimited streaming possibilities, at a fraction of the cost of broadcast or cable. As viewing options expand, so do advertising opportunities. Connected TV is an excellent way to reach your target audience and use your advertising spend more efficiently.

How does Connected TV work?

Connected TV consists of any type of TV that can be connected to the Internet and can stream video. CTV ads can appear before, in the middle, or after the streaming video content. There are a number of ways to stream CTV content, including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, as well as tablets, phones, and desktops. CTV ads look and feel like linear TV commercials, with the targeting capabilities of digital advertising.

Why should marketers add Connected TV advertising to their media mix?

Connected TV’s reach alone might be reason enough to peak an advertiser’s interest, with over 204 million U.S. users in 2022 (Source: eMarketer.) Connected TV also presents a significant opportunity for advertisers to hone in on viewers based on specific information, with far more targeting capabilities than the targeting available with traditional TV. You can serve ads to consumers based on their location, behaviors, interests, and more. Instead of advertising during a sports game and hoping that you reach men ages 25-49 interested in trucks, you can target this specific demographic through Connected TV. This means that all of your advertising dollars can be spent toward your intended target audience. 

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