Do Online Reviews Really Matter?

Apr 8, 2022Blog0 comments

Do Online Reviews Really Matter? Do they ever!

The rating that users leave about your company will tell your potential customers what to expect before you ever get the chance to win them over. Online reviews on Google and social media platforms help build confidence in your brand and give you credibility in the marketplace.

More than that, reviews inform the search result algorithm that you’re either:

  • High quality and worth populating on a search results page
  • Adequate, to be shown sometimes when the search query matches well
  • Poor quality, to be stifled
  • Or you don’t have enough data to tell (no reviews) – in which case Google will prioritize another company over yours.

At LTD Connect, we want you to be well informed and experience the best success. Asking customers for a review as a regular business practice is a free way to influence the way your business is presented online.

Here’s a method you could implement this week – Ask for a review via text:

  • Send a photo of stars over text within an hour of their appointment, service or purchase, and say “[Hey (name here)! We hope you had a good experience today. We’d love to know what you thought about today. If you could, send back a digit from 1-5 rating our services. We appreciate your time.”
  • If they say 5 – send them the review link and ask, “Thank you for letting us know! We’re glad it went well. Let others know and leave a quick review at this link.”
  • If they give a poor review, now you have the opportunity to make amends with them or ask clarifying questions.

Take advantage of this free SEO tactic, and let your future customers know you’re a worthy company through online reviews.