How Gregory Poole CAT Hired 10 Technicians in 70 Days

Jan 26, 2022Blog0 comments


The Challenge

The construction industry has not been immune to the labor shortage caused by the pandemic. The need for technicians has reached an all-time high, and many dealers are left unable to meet the service demand due to being short-staffed. Service is a key profit pillar for CAT dealers, and the shortage has meant missed opportunities to grow their businesses. Gregory Poole CAT partnered with LTD Connect to take on this challenge and take full advantage of the opportunity in the market. 

The Strategy

LTD Connect focused on three key areas with the strategy – targeting the right audience, creating a clear message, and generating qualified candidates for interviews (a.k.a Leads). 

Targeting the right audience started with building personas of the ideal candidates. The personas included information such as current job, education, hobbies and interests, geographic location, and many more. After building the personas, LTD used their HITCH technology which includes over 70,000 data layers to match the personas with actual candidates that met the description.

Next, LTD worked with Gregory Poole to create a clear message. Messaging tends to be a lost art in the digital world, but with more noise in the space, it’s never been more important to provide a clear message. LTD’s ACTION Creative is designed to do just that – call the target audience to action. 

Now the most important part – generating leads. LTD worked through their DIGL (Does It Generate Leads?) framework with Gregory Poole to lock in on tactics to reach the target audience where they spend time and generate leads the client could trackback to ROI. 

The Result

HITCH Technology + ACTION Creative + DIGL Framework = SUCCESS!

432,833 Ads Served
1,500+ Leads
$8.49 AVG. Cost Per Lead
10+ Techs Hired

“LTD Connect’s creativity and strategic approach were crucial to our technician recruitment campaign’s success. We are so pleased with the results as well as the excellent customer service we received from our account team.” – Joy Eisner, Marketing Director.