Is the Email Blaster in Your Toolbelt?

Aug 15, 2022Blog0 comments

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there, being a marketer’s cherished tool for its relatively low cost and high return on investment.

The traditional method of email marketing is to send out mass promotional messages to as many potential customers as possible. You can use your email blasts to generate sales by including deals/offers, nurturing existing leads, or simply making consumers aware of your company.

You can use these emails as an auto-response to the leads you’ve gotten on other platforms, or send them out as their own entity to add to your marketing mix. 

Want to win in the inbox? Here are our best email marketing tips:

1. Use captivating titles, but don’t pull the rug out from under them later.

Without sounding scammy, write an interesting email subject that will get your reader’s attention. This is a good spot for a discount offer or a friendly welcome – but the subject should not be a bait and switch. Whatever it says should be portrayed in the email accurately.

2. Be natural and personable.

We’re wired to tell the difference between a robot and a real voice with ease. Being personal and human gives you a competitive edge and allows the customer to feel more engaged with your brand. 

3. Be brief

The average reading time per email is 11 seconds (Lavender), so you want to keep your email blasts short and sweet.

4. Include a button

Example: Are you ready to see the latest model?

Button 1: Yes, show me now!

Button 2: No, I’m happy with my car.

Email blasts are one of the best marketing channels for retailers. Contact us today for more email marketing tips and tricks!