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HITCH is our secret sauce.

HITCH is a proprietary system that pairs automated and aggregated data and multiple ad networks with insights and instincts from our staff. We have direct access to more than 604,000 data segments. From location data to purchase history, we can reach your custom audience.

Right Person

Right Place

Right Message

Right Frequency

HITCH reaches your audience where they spend their time online:

What We Do

LTD Connect is a full-service marketing agency that’s equipped to handle any of your business’ marketing needs. Read about our services below!

Search Engine Marketing

A Search Engine Marketing campaign will place your ads at the top of search queries for those searching for your services, including competitors.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your visibility in search with our proven SEO strategy and tactics. Your ranking in organic search results will improve with relevant and engaging content written by our experienced content producers. By focusing on industry language and searcher behavior, we are able to hone in on bringing in the right kind of traffic to help grow your sales.

Website Development / Management

Whether your website needs a design refresh or a new site altogether, our team can create the website of your dreams and tailor it for your specific needs and goals. Our websites improve user experience so you can engage with your customers and boost profitability.

Social Media Marketing

Your business has to reach consumers where they spend time. The average person spends over two hours on social media per day. It’s important for your brand to have a dynamic social presence that connects with both patrons and potential customers.

Email Marketing

It’s as important as ever to ensure your organization has a strong presence on email. We’re here to help with an email marketing solution tailored to any marketing cadence – whether it’s a one-off email blast or monthly recurring marketing communications.

Video Advertising

Video is the most widely consumed media on the internet. Video marketing helps people find you and take action. We have a team of experienced video storytellers who know the angles to shoot, the questions to ask, and the moments to capture that allow your business to speak to your audience.

CTV / OTT Advertising

Your audience is streaming. Meet them where they are. Our CTV solution allows you to tap into over 290,000 data segments so you can target your ideal audience. With expansive scale and detailed reporting metrics, CTV enables reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional television.

Display Advertising

Display ads act like digital billboards. Our team puts strategy into the design, message, and placement of your ads. Retarget your website visitors or use behaviors and data segments to hit new shoppers.

Branding and Creative

Build your brand with a consistent message. Our in-house designers can translate your brand onto visually appealing creative that causes customers to take action.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything. 97% of customers who read reviews report that it influences their buying decisions. We are proactive in maintaining your online reputation to put your best foot forward to potential customers.

HITCH Conquest Retargeting

HITCH Conquest Retargeting places your ads in front of people who have visited your competitor’s websites, so you can convert your competitor’s website traffic before they do.


HITCH ID gives you first-party data about your website visitors such as name, email address, home address, and more. It allows you to capture up to 60% of your website traffic and use this data to target your customers through direct mail, email marketing, and more.

HITCH Geo Fields

HITCH Geo Fields go beyond traditional geofencing. Once a customer crosses into the field, it’s like a silent alarm is tripped. Their device is pinged and we can now serve them ads on all of their devices at home. We geofence competitor locations as “target zones” and draw “conversion zones” around your location(s) to track foot traffic.

Co-Op Management

Do not fret about the lack of personnel or time to complete Co-Ops. Our account executives are trained to handle coop from beginning to end, including creative pre-approvals, required documentation and filing claims. We’ll track the claims and report payout information to you on a regular basis — it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Dynamic Social Advertising

Dynamic Social links your inventory feed to your Facebook ads account, which empowers us to position your vehicles in front of potential shoppers strategically, leveraging targeted signals to enhance relevance. Additionally, we can effectively retarget shoppers by displaying vehicles they’ve previously shown interest in, enticing them to revisit your website for a more personalized and engaging automotive experience.

Dynamic Display Advertising

Elevate your display banners by featuring your live inventory in real-time. Capture the attention of potential shoppers by presenting vehicles tailored to their browsing history and online behavior. Alternatively, re-engage them with vehicles they’ve previously explored, encouraging them to return to your site for a personalized and compelling shopping experience.

Dynamic Video Advertising

Integrate your live inventory feed directly into your video assets, streaming seamlessly across connected TV, web video/pre-roll, and Facebook. By synchronizing your inventory feed with our video platforms, potential buyers will experience a live, up-to-the-minute showcase of the vehicles currently available on your lot.

Dynamic Search Advertising

Unforeseeable fluctuations in inventory levels have made it challenging to maintain search visibility for the vehicles actually present at your dealership. The solution lies in embracing dynamic search ads, where we seamlessly integrate your inventory feed with our search campaigns. This enables us to dynamically adjust ad groups and ad copy in real-time, aligning with the current availability of vehicles at your dealership.

Want a Free Market Analysis?

Connecting your business with more customers starts with our free market analysis. Our experts will meet with you to better understand your goals then we use our tools to provide an in-depth analysis and action items to help grow your business. Sign up below to start the conversation.