TikTok 101 for Your Business in 2022

Jan 19, 2022Blog0 comments

Why should my business use TikTok?

Your audience is here! TikTok recently surpassed 1 billion daily users in 2021 and is currently projected to overtake Instagram by mid-2022.

It’s no longer the Gen Z-only platform either. In the US, over 75% of users are over the age of 20. Here’s a full demographic breakdown from our friends at Statista:

  • 25% of TikTok’s active user accounts in the U.S. are people aged 10-19.
  • 22.4% of TikTok’s active user accounts in the U.S. are 20-29.
  • 21.7% of TikTok’s active user accounts in the U.S. are 30-39.
  • 20.3% of TikTok’s active user accounts in the U.S. are 40-49.
  • 11% of TikTok’s active user accounts in the U.S. are 50+.
What are TikTok’s advertising options?

TopView a.k.a. branded takeovers.

  • The first video users see when they open the app, TopView is TikTok’s biggest billboard.

In-feed ads.

  • In-Feed Ads allow brands to achieve full-funnel marketing objectives natively and flexibly. Appearing within the For You feed, In-Feed Ads are designed to capture the customer’s undivided attention in a full-screen and sound-on environment.

Branded hashtag challenges.

  • Invite the TikTok community to engage with your brand through a sponsored challenge.

Branded lenses & effects.

  • Spark engagement with interactive experiences such as games, stickers, filters, and special effects that are customizable to your brand.

Team up with an influencer.

  • TikTok makes it easy to connect with influencers on their latest addition to the app. Find your brand’s next partner on the Creator Marketplace.
How to create and optimize my TikTok business profile:

Now that you’ve seen the potential reach TikTok can bring to your business, let’s look at how to set up your business account.

Step 1.) Download and open the TikTok app on your mobile device.

Step 2.) Create a new personal account. 

Step 3.) Tap Profile in the lower right corner, and then tap Edit Profile

Here, you can add a profile picture, update your bio, and link to any other social accounts. Tap the back arrow in the top left when finished.

Step 4.) Switch to a Business Account by tapping the three stacked lines in the upper right corner, and selecting Settings and privacy.

Step 5.) From here tap Manage account. You then can tap Switch to Business Account.

Step 6.) Now, pick the category that best describes your brand and tap Next.

Step 7.) Don’t forget to add your website and email address to your profile.

Where should I start?

There’s a lot more to TikTok’s platform than advertising. Take advantage of the organic reach your brand’s profile can have free of charge! Here’s how to get started:

1. Quality over quantity – create engaging content that people want to watch.

2. Be authentic – TikTok is filled with niche categories. Be yourself and your audience will find you.

3. Always Edit – TikTok’s native, in-app, editing software will make things easy. 

4. Use hashtags – this is a crucial step to allow TikTok’s algorithm to extend your reach. Visit the Discover section within the TikTok app to find the latest trending hashtags.

5. Be trendy – ensure the trend fits with your brand’s image first. Since trends are always changing, we recommend that you spend 10-15 minutes per day on the app to stay current on the latest trends. Current trends include:

  • Hashtag Challenges (see #eggpeelchallenge for an example).
  • Duets with other TikTok users (#duet).
  • Incorporating trending music and sounds within your video.

6. Jump in – you’ve done the research; now it’s time to make your first video! Don’t forget to share it with us @ltdconnect.