Video Trends in 2021

Dec 26, 2020Blog0 comments

Digital Marketing consists of many facets, but one of the main is video. In 2021, video isn’t going anywhere and is only getting bigger! In the year 2020, as many as 85% of businesses reported to use video in some capacity (Oberlo, 2021). Knowing that video is here to stay, we wanted to highlight some upcoming trends as we navigate 2021:

  • Short-Form Videos
    • Short form videos like TikToks or Instagram Reels are on the rise this year (Design Shack, 2020).
    • Keeping your video between 6 – 30 seconds will allow for more video completions and engagement from your viewers.
  • Online Training and Educational Videos
    • Due to COVID-19, everyone has had to rethink the way we learn without traditional in-person training sessions. People have come to rely on videos to explain or showcase different ways doing things.
    • Whether it’s a tutorial on YouTube or a product video on your website, there is an effective way you can adapt online training videos to suit you!
  • Shoppable Videos
    • Whether you’re selling a product, service, or simply promoting your business your video should be SHOPPABLE.
    • Ensure you have the ability to swipe up or click on the video directly to take your viewer to the right landing page where they can purchase, submit a form, or learn more!
    • By making sure your viewers don’t have to leave your video to take these actions, the more likely they are to follow through with a next step.

How are you implementing video into your strategy in 2021? Let’s chat about how you can implement these trends into your own business today.