Ways To Boost Your SEO Rankings

Mar 21, 2023Blog0 comments

The digital world is constantly changing. There are many new and upcoming ways to boost your SEO ranking, but there will always be four key components that will probably never change. Let’s talk about how your business or brand can improve your SEO ranking. 


The first thing we want to touch on is keywords. Every time you search something on Google, what exactly are you searching for? You type in the keywords. For example, ‘Toyota vehicles near Little Rock,’ what will pop up? The URL’s that have those specific keywords for their SEO. Choose your keywords carefully and if you need help trying to find the correct keywords to use, a couple of sites that can help you create a keyword list are semrush.com or wordstream.com.

Image Optimization

Optimizing your images on your website can increase traffic on your website. It can also help the speed of your website be quicker. If you aren’t sure how fast or slow your website is, pingdom.com is a great tool to test. The idea is not only to have your images compatible with your website’s dimensions but also on mobile view as well. 

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the text underneath the page titles for SEO that has a relevant summary of what the page is about. A poor meta description can decrease the chances of someone clicking on your link. Meta descriptions should be in detail to gain the attention of people who you want to click on your link. Every page on your website has a page title and meta description that you need to take advantage of. If you don’t, Google will come up with its own meta description and more than likely can decrease your website’s click-through rate. 


Artificial Intelligence has become a big help in the world of content production. You can almost use any AI tool that can help you when you’re in a stump for a title or outline. AI tools such as chatGPT can help you cut time in half. Type in your keywords and let AI help you come up with a trending topic to talk about. 

How are you going to take advantage of the key tips we talked about for boosting your SEO ranking? Remember, a little can go a long way and these four key tips can help boost your SEO ranking. Don’t walk, run and get the party started!