What A Potential TikTok Ban Means for Marketers

Apr 18, 2023Blog0 comments

Will TikTok be banned in the US? If the ban does indeed go into effect, what will it mean for businesses, marketers, and creators? If you’re not already familiar, there are rising concerns about the potential for TikTok user data to be accessed by the Chinese government, and used to spy on U.S. citizens, and/or influence geopolitical movements (Social Media Today). It’s worth noting that Facebook has also been guilty of misusing user data in the past, which was a key point from TikTok chief Shou Zi Chew’s recent appearance before the U.S. Senate. 

Regardless of what happens, TikTok has already made its impact on the entire social media landscape. Authentic short-form video content and a highly-personalized algorithm have become what Americans want and expect. We believe no matter if TikTok is banned in the US or not, vertical video is here to stay. Meta Reels and YouTube Shorts have already implemented their own TikTok copycats, with other platforms likely to follow suit. We recommend uploading your TikTok videos to other platforms but be sure to delete the watermark. Instagram has said that recycled content with visible watermarks is more difficult for viewers to discover.

For your vertical video marketing strategy, make sure you are authentic. Businesses that put a human face to their name are more likely to perform better online (and in real life). Get rid of your polished, corporate feel and just have fun with it. 

TikTok’s effect on social media and digital marketing as a whole is here to stay. Our advice for marketers = lean into vertical video beyond TikTok. Be authentic and get creative! If you’d like any help with your vertical video strategy, reach out to us. Our team of digital marketing specialists is here and ready to help take your video content to the next level.