Why You Should Consider Connected TV Advertising

May 9, 2023Blog0 comments

Connected TV has been around for more than a decade, becoming a common way for people to consume media. In summary, it is a way to show commercials to users that are watching video content through the internet. If your brand is not taking advantage of connected TV advertising, you are missing out on an ROI-driven strategy to reach your target audience. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider advertising on connected tv:

  • CTV is Cost-Effective

The cost of entry for connected TV is usually much less expensive than for linear TV. With CTV, you have access to a large selection of inventory across premium networks at a more affordable cost. CTV advertising can also extend your reach of existing linear campaigns. It allows you to use your advertising spend more efficiently because all of your ad dollars can be spent toward your intended target audience.

  • CTV is Highly Targeted 

With CTV’s precise targeting options, you can specifically target your ideal demographic without having to cast a wide net. You can serve ads to consumers based on their location, behaviors, interests, and more. For example, an automotive dealer can target men ages 25+ who have shown intention to buy a new car in certain zip codes. You can customize your audience targets to reach intended customers. Your brand will ultimately achieve a higher return on investment by showing your ads to a specific target audience through connected TV.

  • CTV has Detailed Reporting Metrics

Connected TV allows you to evaluate your campaign’s success with detailed reporting metrics and insights. Knowing how your CTV campaign performs gives you the opportunity for optimization as well as retargeting your audience. Along with sending you detailed weekly and monthly reports, LTD Connect also gives you client login access to our live reporting dashboard so you are always in the know. We provide attribution reporting as well, so you can see how many people who saw your ad went to your business’ store location or website after seeing your CTV ad.

How to Get Started with Connected TV

You’ve come to the right place if you’re ready to grow your business through CTV advertising! Please chat with us today to learn how our team can develop a strategic, cost-effective, targeted CTV plan for you.