The TikTok Bible | How to Go Viral in 2022

May 10, 2022Blog0 comments

TikTok is an opportunity to discreetly market to your target audience in a way they genuinely enjoy, but HOW? We asked the same question, and this is where our research took us:

Trends are key:

Find trends on the discover page! Get more specific to your business by searching for relevant hashtags like “#fashion,” “#tiptok,” (for tips and hacks) “#dayinthelife,” or anything related to your product/service. After using the filter “this week” and “most liked,” take note of the most interacted with videos:

  • How long is the video?
  • Who is in the video – boy/girl/young/old etc?
  • What is the hook/title?
  • What keywords did they include?
  • And finally: audio!

Keep up with the info you find for the future, and use these specs in your next video! To aid your search, here is a list of current TikTok trends for you:

  • Make and use a custom filter
  • Use trending audio – but only if you can use it authentically and with relevance to your page
  • Dance challenges
  • Day in the life
  • Product restocks
  • Shopping hauls / fit checks
  • ASMR
  • GRWM (get ready with me)
  • How-to videos/tips
  • Transformations – before & afters
  • Lifehacks
  • Objection polls – ask for objections, then respond
  • Green screen – a person in front of an ebook or website
  • Self-interview – to objection block and creative satirical comedy

Finally, to know if your TikTok is successful, look to see in the analytics of your post what the click-through rate is, shares, comments, likes, and average watch time! If an ad starts getting old or worn, switch it out with a new headline or video angle. Keep it simple and have fun, and remember: make TikToks, not ads.

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