Tips for Creating Ads that Convert

Feb 20, 2023Blog0 comments

Every business thinks they have it down when it comes to creating ads, but truth be told, there is more to it than just creating a great design. In this blog we’ll discuss five key tips on how to create ads that convert into sales. Let’s get started with knowing who you’re talking to. 

Know Your Audience 

To convert sales, you need to know who exactly is your audience. Check out your demographics from your website to analyze them. Fruit Loops commercials are always bright and fun to grab the attention of children. The audience for Fruit Loops is targeting children and parents. It’s appealing to the kids and then becomes appealing to the parents because of the kids. This leads us to our next tip. 

Facebook Leads

Take advantage of Facebook leads while you can! Facebook Ads can target specific audiences. When you filter your audiences you can choose who exactly you want the ad to be directed to. 


Have you ever heard the saying “Keep It Sweet and Simple?” Well, it applies here too. Many businesses want to elaborate on big dictionary words, when in doubt, it can be as simple as telling someone to “Just Do It,” then “going outside and being active is good for you.” When you see Nike’s infamous saying, you automatically know what they are saying. Easy to read and understand is what you should go for. 


What’s in it for me? Every potential client or customer asks themselves that question. Give them a reason why they need your business. Giving purpose to your product or service persuades your audience that your service or product will benefit them.

Consistency is Key 

Use your brand colors and fonts. Stay consistent in your Ads. You can create different graphics, but make sure all your Ads have some kind of flow. Your audience and potential new customers will appreciate it alongside the call to action. Including a call to action is especially important. On Facebook you can include a call to action button. If someone is interested in your Ad, they can click on the external link to lead them to the purchase or more information. Try to have a call to action for every Ad. When there is no call to action, your audience loses interest. 

Now that we’ve given you five tips on creating ads that convert, it’s time to start thinking about ideas and putting them into Ads!