Is Your Business “Ready” to Run Ads? | Websites & SEO

Mar 16, 2022Blog0 comments

Let’s take a sky-high view of this question: Is Your Business “Ready” to Run Ads?

  • What purpose does a website serve? For Google, it serves the purpose of fulfilling a need for a user. When you type in something like “CPA near me,” the results that are shown to you are pages that Google’s algorithm has considered to be relevant to the user’s search, high-quality, and usable – like a link to a reputable CPA firm in the town nearest you.

*(Each year Google updates its algorithms, having successfully reduced irrelevant web page results from showing to users by over 40% in the past 5 years).

  • How does this affect you? If your purpose for having a website is to inform potential customers of your brand, products & services or even encourage them to buy with you – your website needs to be found by the right people on a search engine results page – preferably on the first or second page. That means your website needs to meet Google’s criteria of being relevant to your potential customers, high-quality in content and user interaction, and “usable” – secured with an SSL certificate, not slow with missing/incorrect links or photos, etc.

*(Relevant content can be emphasized using headers, title tags, descriptions, photo alt tags, & written content that indicates your brand, products/services & target audience. A high-quality, relevant website will give you a cutting edge over your competitors in trustworthiness, accessibility & presence).

  • How to Respond: If you want to increase the volume of people who are able to find your website and products using an ad campaign and increase your customer base – your website needs to be “SEO Optimized” in this way.

Talk to an LTD Expert today if you’re ready to increase your customer base with ads, but aren’t sure if your website is optimized to be used as a landing page for them. We’d love to go over possible improvements for your site and recommend strategic next steps for your company!

To learn a bit more about how Google search works from Google themselves, click here.